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Young active strong sweaty muscular fit man with big muscles doing kettlebell swing workou
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Kettlebell &

Strength & Conditioning for Sport and Everday Life

Specializing in small group training and at-home training for athletes and busy people

No equipment required

Athletic man doing squats while lifting kettlebells

Our Training Philosophy

Our goal is to help students get stronger, move better and be better able to do the things they enjoy. We focus on high-value movements and employ systematic progression in order to deliver time-efficient, minimalistic training programs, such that the student is able do the work and reach their goals all while living otherwise busy and productive lives.

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Why Kettlebells?

In a word: versatility. Due to their design, kettlebells are perfectly suited to a wide variety of strength exercises and explosive ballistic movements. Students can develop strength, conditioning and movement using a single tool. This makes kettlebells the perfect tool within our system. And the best part is that we provide the bells needed for your training at no additional charge. It's simply part of our model. 

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Who is this for?

Our system is a perfect fit for martial artists, first responders, explosive athletes, golfers, runners, or anyone else wanting to build foundational strength, movement, power and conditioning while maintaining functional longevity. 

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Who are we?

My name is Daniel Funchess and I've worked as a group fitness instructor and personal trainer in Spokane for four years. I have a passion for kettlebell and bodyweight training, and I started Spokane Kettlebell Club in 2023 in the hopes that I could help others share in this passion as they pursue fitness that matters.

I am an ACE and FMS certified professional as well as a StrongFirst certified kettlebell and bodyweight instructor (SFG I and SFB).

Workout Facility

Simple and Efficient Training

Our Methods

Key Training Elements & Progressions

Young active strong sweaty muscular fit man with big muscles doing kettlebell swing workou
Muscular back of a sporty Brazilian athlete who is doing the exercise turkish get up with
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Young sporty woman and middle-aged bodybuilder doing kettlebell squat exercise during inte


The swing is an explosive hip hinge. It forms the foundation for all of the other ballistic movements. The student progresses from the swing to the single-arm swing and eventually to the snatch. A major benchmark in our system is the 5-minute snatch test.


The Turkish Get-Up is strength, stability and mobility all rolled into one movement. It includes multiple patterns, making it a great tool for developing and maintaining movement health. After learning the pattern, the student would eventually progress to heavy get-ups. 


Whether it's the kettlebell military press, the clean and press, or a simple push-up, there are plenty of options to develop upper body strength in our system. Over time students progress toward a half-bodyweight single-arm overhead press and a one-arm push-up. 


After mastering the goblet squat the student progresses to a variety of patterns including lunges, single-leg deadlifts, front squats, and, eventually, more advanced movements like the pistol squat.


Have questions? No problem. Hit us up and we'll get back to you.

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